Nothing much, really

Do you remember when I said that I thought the book was pretty much finished?

Ha ha.  Hahahahahaha.  Ha. Sigh.

Well!  Enough about the three year long bout of self-torture otherwise known as writing a novel!  (I'm entering another revision, and that's all I'll say about that.)


Winter is following us.  This week has been cold and rainy, and we are cozy in the house with a fire going. Sometimes I have to give my head a shake.  It's late May! Anyways. Whatever.  Let's look at a photo of last week.

Joseph's Coat Rose

That feels better.

Solo has decided that he loves the hammock.  Our friends have a hammock bolted into their house, beside a large window that overlooks the valley. Mostly, though not today, you can see trees and grassy dales and fluffy clouds over the hills. It's beautiful.  Solo has no appreciation for the view, though.  He prefers to sit in the hammock like a little hedgehog.  Yesterday I forgot he was in there, until about half an hour later he made his presence known. He likes to lie back and suck his thumb, rubbing his ear.

Lately, if he feels self conscious at all, he gently places one finger inside his right nostril and just sort of rests it there. I'm trying to discourage this.  However, I'm encouraging hammock time.  It's like tribal playpen time. Helpful while Kid A and YaYa and I are working on school.

Have you seen my camera?  I seem to have misplaced it.  And I would like to have it back.