It smells like eucalyptus.

We just dropped into the Bay Area last night, after a teary day of driving. The sky was crying also, great buckets of grey tears, and that may have had something to do with my mood.  And it may have been leaving the ranch. And it may have been coming back to a place of such beauty in my life, as well as such pain.

Some of the most precious and most sorrowful things of my life have happened here.

We are with friends in Marin County. We have not yet crossed the bridge. (We will when we come to it- Oh sweet Lord, a pun on my blog!) We woke up to the sun and are carving into the day slowly.

As for the necklaces, you sweet people, I love you! Thanks for the sold out message!

I have enough of the lovely coral pieces to make one or two more of those, which I will put up when I make them.  And I have many beautiful stones.  I'll let you know when new designs are in the store.

The house we're in now is one of the first places we stayed when we were newly married, and also one of the first places that Kid A visited when he was a little freshie, just out of the womb. What memories. I will sip them slowly, and with hope. There are so many lovely things ahead.