Three things

A word from Leafy:

"What if Star Wars was really Animal Star Wars and Darth Vader was Darth Camel?" (He stares off, thinking.) "And Luke Skywalker was Luke Puppy?"


I hear that all of the money for the truck was raised, Hallelujah. Perhaps some of you donated without letting us know. Thank you.

I'm glad for those kids. I'm sure they can use every blessing they can get.


I'm back and feeling refreshed. Ready for the long haul. I've been thinking about gypsies. Real ones. The kids and I have been reading about them.

We've been traveling from home to home, welcome everywhere we go, loved, welcomed with open arms.

But imagine being a traveling family and not being welcome. Being reviled. Looked down upon.

It gives me a sense of perspective.

Gypsy woman in Goa

(Photo of Gypsy Woman by Chinua)