A little bonus for you.

(A friend of mine used to say that, about candy bars or prayers or a nice gas price.)

I am very busy today. VERY busy. My friend is hosting a Yeshu Kirtan tonight at her house and I will be there with bells on, singing my heart out. I'm making rajma and masoor dahl and rice.

But I just couldn't help myself. I had to put these up because they are my favorite silliness on the Internet right now. (You may have seen them, but hopefully it's new for some of you.)

Double Rainbow guy. (Very familiar. I feel like I know him.)

And the extremely awesome subsequent Double Rainbow Song, which Chinua and I listened to no less than four times yesterday, and which he put on and danced around the living room with me to, when I was tearful and sad. (It did the trick.)

So intense!