What's going on.

Last week Chinua and I signed a lease for an apartment in Santa Cruz, California. We'll be there for three months.

We signed it and got the keys to the apartment, unloaded a few suitcases and then immediately got back in the van and drove for two days to get to a wedding in Oregon.

We sat on grass and benches and picnic tables and talked to many old friends. We watched our kids playing together. It was such a beautiful weekend. I don't think I could have dreamed it up, especially on some of the lonelier nights in India.

I am simultaneously longing for my scooter in the jungle and all my stainless steel cups and bowls, and incredibly blessed to be sitting by the fire watching my children talk to the children of my friends. I am dreaming about the farmer's market in Santa Cruz, and about organic summer squash. I am trying to think of what to furnish the apartment with. (We have a few things, maybe it's enough.)

I don't know how to explain how the last few weeks have been. Maybe some of the above will explain it.

I think I'm going to take up jogging.

Meanwhile, check out this picture that my friend took at the wedding, is this ridiculously cute or what?