An open letter to Fear

Hello there Fear, you stupid silly overgrown beast. This is precisely the reason I never listen to you.

All those whispers about there being a Writer's Code that I wouldn't understand, and the way you were throwing the words Rejection and Shame around?


And that dream, the one where I was trying to go to the toilet, but I discovered partway through that I was in a large room full of people, somebody's living room in fact (why was there a toilet in there anyway?).

Effective, but silly.

I'm glad I don't listen to you, because here I am, in bliss. Guess what? Writers turn out to be people. Nice people, who use words like Empathy and Humility. Take that!

I'm so happy, so, so happy, and once again you have been unable to stop me. By now you should have figured out enough to stop trying.

But I'm sure we'll meet again.

Hopefully then I'll be able to ignore you, too. You may rob me of sleep, but you won't make me change my mind.



PS: By the way, driving in India is really fun, with the jungles speeding by and Raintrees stretching overhead. Just thought you should know that your little plans on that front didn't work out either.