The Eve Tree: today free on Kindle

Creative Self is taking over for Marketing Self in the book department today.

She's taking a break from doodling to tell you that for some reason, the kindle version of The Eve Tree is free on Amazon. We're not sure why, since we didn't schedule it, but there it is.

"Going free" is the ebook version of a billboard, or one of those guys dressed as a pickle, waving a sign on the side of the road.

Lots of downloads are good, as they are the equivalent of making the billboard a little bigger, or giving the pickle guy oversized sparkly sunglasses and a sombrero.

So go get your free digital version of The Eve Tree, and spread the word! I'm not sure how much longer this will last, since it seems to be completely out of my control!

(This only applies to Amazon, not to any other digital format, for now.)