More bullet points

  • I haven't been here much, but not because I love this space any less. I love you!
  • I run from place to place all day long. Today, I sat twice. For a while to chat with some friends, which was nice, and to cut my grass with a pair of scissors. I kid you not. I wouldn't kid you. I know you're sensitive about that. I got up and wrote, made breakfast for kiddos, broke up fights of kiddos, guided meditation on the rooftop, went out on the scooter to buy tomatoes, had chai with friends, ate bhaingan bharta, worked on decluttering the kids' room, wondered how many toys I can get away with getting rid of, watered the garden and cut the grass, got on the scooter with Solo to go help with the latch of a two day old baby (SO sweet), drove home and cooked dinner, and read a bedtime story.
  • We are on Christmas break. I'm hoping to do more decluttering and more gardening.
  • I have pictures for you. The sweetest Christmas Eve dinner ever, but I think that every year.
  • I had a good cry on Christmas evening. Family is far away.
  • Solo abuses modifiers terribly. Is there any way I can sufficiently get it written down? "I want some chai," he says. A pause, then he appears to think he needs to add something- " now." "I love you... again." "A bird! A bird was flying in the sky! ...finally." They're so wonderfully out of context. He just thinks that speech has more weight if there is a modifier at the end of your sentences. Doesn't matter which one! Pick and choose!
  • There have been a lot of Goan weddings this week. With blaring, festive music on loudspeakers. Pigs have been killed, shiny dresses have been worn.
  • Jaya is being courted by a mystery suitor who has yet to show his face. He has apparently seen her walking to my house from the bus stop every day, and has let his intentions be known to the point of asking for her last name from my neighbors (to find out what caste she is) but not to the point of introducing himself to her. The next door neighbors want to know if she's interested. She has told them she needs to meet him to know. Both Jaya and I think it is very fishy. She asked me what I think. "Yes," I said. "Definitely you need to meet him before there is any more talking about surnames and dowry." I can't give much advice on mystery suitors in India, but I think that much can be said. (!)