thankful :: week 7

(Week 6 was lost in the rocky pass between my true thankfulness, the computer, and my anxiety.)

Today I am so thankful. Thank you God, for:

:: My Superstar Husband, who held me up this week with kind words and kisses on the forehead.

:: My sister, Khalifah, who came all the way to India to be with us, and then laughed and talked and hung out with us every day. Knowing she is safe back in her own home.

:: Solo, who draws circles in the sand now. That's his main occupation at the beach and he takes it very seriously. A three-year-old discovers something, how to join a circle's ends, and he does it over and over again, delighting in each one. I can barely stand how joyful it is.

:: A good day. The first day in a long while that there was no self-hatred in my brain. I could be quiet without hearing nasty voices.

:: Good friends. Here on the blog, here and there on the internet. Thank you for caring.

:: Good healing. For my friends who shared that they also struggle with depression and anxiety, I can honestly recommend nothing higher than an herb called Rhodiola Rosea. You can find it in your health food store, on in bulk online. Get the powdered version, it lasts longer.

:: Sprouts in the garden, and even small plants. Despite the best efforts of the fire ants and my oldest son, who is overzealous with his helpfulness and had a strong waterflow coming out of the hose, I do believe some of the vegetables will live!

:: The weather cooling down again. There were storms and it got incredibly hot and humid. This was the first day (do you sense a pattern here?) in which we felt anything like coolness.

:: Love. It heals and protects. It covers everything, and it is much stronger than hatred or despair.

I would love it if you played along! I adore reading the wonderful things that are going on in your lives. Give thanks through a link to your site or simply in the comments.