Birds from my lovely daughter

(Click on the image to see it in its original size.)

I love the perspective in this drawing. Three birds sit on a branch, surveying the countryside around them. 

YaYa creates such whimsical, sweet worlds in her drawings and stories. Yesterday, when she showed me this one, she said, "Do you know where I got the idea for those birds?"

"No," I said. I thought she would bring me a story book, a picture or something that she had seen. But what she brought me was something unidentifiable. If I were to TRY to identify it, I would say that it very much looked like a tiny piece of dried up gecko poo.

"There," she said. "Doesn't that look like a bird? Like the bird on the right side of the picture?"

I looked. It did, in fact, look somewhat like a plump little bird seen from behind.

When I told Chinua about it, he said, "Well that's eccentric."

Just the way I like them. I love my eccentric girl who draws for hours each day and whose greatest desire is to grow up to live under a tree in the forest. Either that or lead a seventeen-year-old horse back home with a carrot. The kind of girl who will find a dried up old something and make art from it.

I learn from her every day.