10 Things I Love

1. The color, taste, and texture of fresh beets.

2. Breezes during the day, especially as the heat gathers, preparing for a blast of March and sweat forms in beads on our upper lips. Any breeze is heaven.

3. Solo saying, "That's amazing!"

4. Cold water.

5. The gardener who will help me put my garden in. He is absolutely perfect, I hate to use the word adorable for an adult, but I can't help it. He's a man in his fifties (or sixties) with big glasses and he is amazing, the way he talks, everything.

6. YaYa's art. She astounds me daily.

7. Dark mornings in the house when the kids are sleeping and I am sitting with my cup of coffee and my words, glancing up to see the sun slowly rise over the hill in the distance.

8. Sand art.

9. The moment when I was on the scooter, driving out of my neighborhood to go somewhere else, and came upon my family beside the road, petting a small dog. I saw them there, Chinua and the kids, and my first thought was how beautiful they were there, in an unexpected place, and how beautiful Chinua was, and he is, and he is my husband.

10. 750words.com ~ Badges for writing my book! This is what the internet is FOR. I'm working on my second book (my first is with the editor I hired... I know, it feels like it's not real, but one day you will get to read it...) and I try to write a thousand words a day. Now with badges!