Casting on and off

If I got all weird and instructive yesterday, blame it on all the independent publishing websites I've been reading. I may have been taken over by someone else's writing style. It happens.

(This is why I had to be very careful of what I was reading whenever I was working on The Eve Tree. Especially when it came to language. Indian English and British English would throw my writing for a loop! Not to mention going through the manuscript and taking out any Canadianisms.)

Anyways. I feel loved and accepted by you, even if I did put things in bold numerical order.

I've had the weirdest day today. WEIRD.

I woke up to no power, which is not strange. (Have I mentioned that we get 10 to 12 hours of power per 24 hour period? I have? Okay.) But the power had been out for eighteen hours, which WAS strange. Turns out a truck collided with an electric pole. So, no computer time-- we'd run it out of juice.

Then, because there was no power, there was no water-- no way to pump it to the roof.

And then the stove ran out of gas. (Thankfully, I'd made my coffee...)

All those problems were solved fairly easily, but then my friend and I headed out to go shopping. We wanted to catch a bus to the non-tourist shopping part of town. The kids need new clothes terribly. But the bus never came! And then we noticed all the stores were closed.

It was a strike! Not a union strike, a government-imposed strike, where everyone must close their shop and no driving is allowed. They do that sometimes here.

So... we walked back home. Deflated by all these developing country problems. It happens.

In exciting news, YaYa cast on for the first time yesterday. She's just as impatient with it as I was, the first time someone tried to teach me.