Happy Sunday

The Eve Tree is now live on Amazon Kindle. Finally!

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Friends have come! Twice, yesterday, I got calls from friends who had arrived on the night bus and were looking for us. Danny and Deborah, sweet friends with their little guy Oliver, are here to spend time with us. They're Scottish and Italian, another traveling couple, so we have a lot in common.

And our sweet friend Claudia.

Chinua had almost decided not to go to England to tour with The Turbans for three weeks. He felt badly about leaving me with the writhing mass that is our children. But I turned to him the other day and felt it so strongly- He must go! So I told him to get out, he is not welcome here for those three weeks, he must go and make music. I felt a lot of trust that God would take care of us during that time.

The next day, Claudia came, and one of the first things she said was, "I would love to help!"

Mostly I am fine with the kids. It is just those moments, you know? When you need to run out and get bread, and you have to take them all, and they have to stop and pet every dog, and walk on the curbside and fall and scrape their shins. And when the two-year-old gets water in his Crocs he refuses to walk, has to sit on the ground and cry about it, or throw the shoe, or thrust it at you, shouting "Clean it!"

Going to get bread can take five minutes, or it can take two weeks, that's all I'm saying.

I'm so excited for Chinua!