Not only that, but the children are turning wild.

Thanks to all of your suggestions and help, I have a final blurb here for you.

Ten years ago, Molly Boscelli took over her family ranch and goat farm in Humboldt County, California, with her husband, Jack. Now, a forest fire is making its way toward them, threatening their home and way of life. Molly’s mother and grown children rally at the ranch in a last ditch attempt to prepare for disaster.

As the family works through the truth about their history and looks for a way to save the ranch, Molly struggles to find her place among them. And as she uncovers her true feelings about the land that is her home and birthright, Molly prepares to take extreme measures to defend it.

It has been all things book around here for the last few days, as Chinua and I, the company book formatting geniuses, have been tweaking and uploading files. I should have a publication date ready for you within the week.

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Okay. I promise some Nepal for you, very, very soon. (What? You want to hear about Nepal?) Please excuse me while I soak my head in a bucket of soothing cucumber milk. I've been staring at formats and pages since 5:30 this morning.