Veggies and another book review

Last night our friends came over and we cooked pasta in the kitchen while it rained outside. Sauteéd onions on a low simmer in a lot of olive oil, added tomatoes and eggplant. It was so nice to cook together, to sit and drink wine and talk.

After the rain passed and the sky cleared a bit, we had glimpses of Machapuchre, the beautiful mountain that looms over Pokhara with her sisters.

My friend, who is from Italy, told me that I would love Tuscany. The seasons, the food, the love that goes into the food. I am certain of it.

And I thought about it again. We have to eat, we have to cook. With four little ones I have to cook a LOT (except in those moments when Jaya is in my life- though even then I have to shop) and I realized a long time ago that I would enjoy it more if I got a bit geeky about it, if I obsessed over seasons and vegetables and colors.

So that is why I nearly fainted with delight when I found this vegetable market in Mahindra Pul, the big shopping district of Pokhara. The Farmer's Cooperative market. Here I found the freshest vegetables, I found mushrooms, I found tofu.

After laughing at me for a while, for taking pictures, the vegetable seller struck this wonderful pose.


Book news:

Melissa Westemeier of Green Girl in Wisconsin has written a great review of The Eve Tree on the Eco Women Site.

You can read the review here: If you like Barbara Kingsolver's books, you'll LOVE the Eve Tree.

Thanks so much Melissa, for a thoughtful and thorough review!