Blackbird's review

Blackbird is one of the best bloggers I know. Her relationship with her big-kid sons and her husband have encouraged me for years. She writes cryptically and privately, but skillfully enough that I feel like I know her. She's cool and urban, stylish and hopeful. She's funny and gentle and I love living her life through her, taking the train with her, hanging out with her family. I always find myself being pulled to her site when I need to see beautiful things or find comfort, far as I am from my homeland.

She has written a review of The Eve Tree, and a little bit of a review of me. Isn't it funny, what we see from the outside? What she has said is all true, but I know myself differently. I know myself as a girl who still can't go through a week without letting the milk boil over, who has a tendency to storm, "I can't DO THIS!" at my husband when I get overwhelmed.

I am thankful for the web and for friends like Blackbird, who hold the mirror up and say, "Hey girl, you aren't doing half bad." Maybe that's one of the best parts of this whole blogging world.