This and that


* I'm doing better. It's like a spiraling escalator, really. When I get on the anxiety escalator, nothing makes sense and my mind won't work properly. I have to concentrate on getting off the escalator by sorting out all those chemical misfirings. Logic doesn't work. I have to get off the escalator before logic has any effect at all.

Things that help: sleep, reading, eating well, retreat, retreat, retreat! Quiet and gentleness. Resetting. Your kindness in my comment box.

* I have a few lovely reviews to show you.

Erin's is here.

Denise Tanton's is here.

And Elizabeth wrote one at 5 minutes for Books.

Thank you so much for all your help with my baby bird.

* Any Google+ users? I'm here.

 A note on Social Media and anxiety. The "Social" collision of Social Anxiety and Social Media make it a difficult place for me sometimes. When it gets rough, I'm trying to focus on love. Love will ground us every time. We are all just children, after all.

* We're leaving Nepal. We knew coming here that in order to be back in Goa next season on our tourist visa, that we would have to be in two other countries in these six months. (Necessarily. It's a visa thing.)

We're on our way to Thailand. Packing and excited. Thailand is one of the least expensive places to travel to from here, and it's a place we know.

Without giving all the details, I'll just say that we took a leap and came to Asia, thinking we had a way to stay in one or two homes a year. Things shifted on us, and we haven't worked out all the lumps. We're getting there, I hope... We hope to have a place to live, mostly year round, soon.

* I'm trucking along in my new novel. A bit stuck, but I have the experience of the first to let me know that what happens at this stage doesn't really matter all that much, as it will barely resemble the finished work.