Week in the Life- Friday

*For those of you who are just joining in, I documented a traveling week in our life- the last week of July, and I'm almost through posting it here.*

Friday was a resting day. Chinua slept and recuperated in our guest house, while the kids and I wandered around Kathmandu trying to keep occupied.

It seems that I took a lot of photos of food on this day.

We found a nice restaurant close to our guest house, and headed there for breakfast.

For me, Fruit Muesli Curd as they call it in India and Nepal, (muesli with fruit and yogurt) and coffee.

For the kids, Chai (Chia, it's called in Nepal) and yet another game of chess. The YaYa sister doesn't have much patience for chess, though, and she rarely finishes a game, which drives Kid A crazy.

Solo loves him some chai.

And we all know how Leafy feels about it.

Big ol' pancakes!

My apologies for the poor quality of the photos. Light was scarce in the little restaurant.

Oh wait, here we are already, eating lunch in a different restaurant. Just leaping around from meal to meal. Draggy (the dragon) joined us at the table.

We went for Tibetan food. Leafy had the Thukpa. (Fancy word for noodle soup.)

I had the Thantuk. Also noodle soup, but with big squares of noodles. It was very good.

And then we walked around. Here we are in Thamel, the touristy part of Kathmandu.

You can buy enough shawls and pirated movies to clothe and entertain a nation.

And here we are on a regular Nepali street. It was muddy and slippery because of the rainy season. The kids have to walk on all the platforms.

And jump around from section to section, while I try to keep Solo from leaping into traffic.

Kathmandu. I love it but navigating it with four kids is hard. I stayed in Kathmandu for a few months, eleven years back, so I have a lot of nostalgia for it.

To recap. Friday= Chinua sleeping off his fever, the rest of us eating, walking, leaping from stairs into traffic, experiencing nostalgia, and slipping in mud.