All those people!

I wrote a post at Blogher today. I've been thinking about this topic for a while. And it was only exarcerbated as I was redesigning my site and finding whole crazy pockets of the Internet that I've never seen before. This thing is huge!

Finding our voices in the giant city we call the Internet.

Sometimes the city is unkind to you. There are so many opinions, so much clutter. You don't know how to float in the muck. You feel overwhelmed by it all.


It's enough to make you long to move deep into the country, or become a hermit on a hill top somewhere, or maybe live in a cave, like a monk. Never touch that city again.

Let's assume you decide to stick around. The question is, how do YOU live in your city? It's important, because you are a citizen of this city. What you do matters to the city. You need to find a way to live in peace, to make your city a lovely place for you to be.