Take two.

Thanks for your commisseration with my poor sorry underprepared self!

We are just now heading out the door for a dash to the border and back, this one with the real hope of being successful. Unless EVERYONE is telling us untruths with their fingers crossed behind their backs, we should get the extensions we need.

The kids are very excited about fourteen more hours in the car. So much so that they've been asking "Mama, why can't we drive for so many hours and sit in one place and be quiet EVERY day?"

I just tell them it's not reasonable, that they have to run around and be free sometimes. And go to the bathroom without being told to hurry up, we have to go! I'm such an unfair mom.

The road is rumored to be much better. We'll see.

This time, I have my camera!

(Did I mention that my oldest son is nine? NINE! More on that later.)