Photos from Christmas

I promised them a while ago. Time waits for no man, and we're spinning away into the next year.

Making palm frond stars with Miriam.

This was very soothing to me. I may have to make about a thousand palm frond stars.

Jaya helped me make salad for our feast.

We decorate our live tree. I love this tree. It was a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree when we first got it, three years ago. Our landlord planted it and now it's a huge wonderful tree, perfect for lighting up.

We also decorated our daughter. Actually, our friend Rebekah decorated her. She doesn't look impressed.

Lights and a big circle on Christmas Eve.


The tree, seen from above.

Light circle. Everyone shared their names, where they were from, and something that was a light to them in the last year.

 It was a beautiful Christmas. Sweet and lovely and soft.