How it's been.

Fresh paint.

It's been walking,

Old columns.


Cricket match.


Cow in bliss.

It's been scratching cows,

Gully with cows.

It's been dodging cows,

Chai time.

It's been drinking chai,



Perfect chai walla post.

More drinking chai,

Ready for chai.


Chai walla.

And watching others drink chai.

Stick no bill.

It's been sticking no bills,


And saying hello.

Baby cow.

It's been petting baby cows.

Leaf and the seeds ceremony.

It's been sitting in devotion circles,

Devotion circle.

And planting seeds,


It's been nearly raining flowers.

Grace and Naomi.

It's been sightseeing,

Old man at Ram Nagar fort.

And man seeing.

Lassi in Ram Nagar

It's been lassi drinking/eating,

Boat ride across the river.

and boating,


And talking on boats,

Ganga. Ganga.

And looking at boats,

 Heading out on the ghats.

Also walking (very carefully) to boats.

Meditation circle

It's been sitting in meditation circles.

Meditation circle

And getting out colored pencils.

It's been dreaming, and gardening, and waking up in the morning with birds all around. It's been days cooling down and dinners around the low table by candlelight in the courtyard, and kids everywhere and neighbor kids calling to us to give their kites back when they've gotten stranded inside the garden. It's been teas and coffees and singing at night with people from a dozen different countries or more. 

It's been beautiful.

It's been treasure.