Day in the Life :: Day Six

Day Six was a Thursday. It started like every day does for me. With this:

I looked out the kitchen door and saw the moon in the dawn sky.

I worked for a while on the front porch with a laptop and my coffee, and eventually Kid A came out to join me.

There was some fingerpaint action.

And later in the day, Miriam (the mysterious "M") came to try to learn some of the songs Chinua usually sings.

Jaya shelled peas for lunch.

And I made hummus for the fake birthday party. YaYa ALWAYS has her birthday here, but this year we're leaving before her birthday comes, so we decided to have a little gathering in her honor.

Someday I have to share my no measure, easy peasy, perfect hummus method with you.

I also made fruit salad.

And it was time! In a measure of sanity protection, I bought a cake rather than baking one. It was a very very hot day in the middle of packing time. No time to be dragging out the tin box to set on top of the stove.

I'm kind of in love with super fresh snacks for birthdays, with rich cake afterwards.

Then we played games. This one is called "Don't let grandmother catch you sneaking up on her," or probably it's not called that, but that's the general idea.

I like how I say "we" played games, when really I was manning the camera. And letting all the others get sweaty running around.


YaYa got a few little, thoughtful presents.

And then we spend time drawing and painting together, and somehow I missed getting photos of that, because I was busy sketching what turned out to be a terrible picture of YaYa, because she kept moving. The drawing together part was her idea. She's kind of a darling.