Internet-less in a watery world.

We have no internet.

We should have internet after Song Kran, the water festival that celebrates Thai New Year. Soon we'll walk out the door of the internet cafe and promptly be soaked with buckets of water. And then we'll go home to retrieve our water guns and whatever else we can find and retaliate.

The kids are in heaven, of course. I can't think of a better way to be initiated into a new town, a new country.

We have a house. I can't wait to show you photos, when our internet is hooked up. It's got lots of space, it's right smack in the center of town, and it has a little bit of digging space for me. Enough for a herb garden, maybe some lettuce. Enough to get creative with some of that vertical gardening, perhaps.

So we start again. Today we bought a Thai style gas stove and some pots and pans and towels. We don't have anywhere to sit (but the floor) yet, and no shelves, but we'll get them. After Song Kran, when the stores re open. People threw buckets of water on us while we drove home on the scooter with our stuff. The ice water is the worst. Everyone laughs at me, because I always scream. Can't help it.

About Thailand, I have many things to say. But today, all I'll say is that I'm learning to bow. Before, bowing was not at all a part of my physical lexicon. So when people bowed at me, I was always taken by surprise, and could only respond with a sort of violent twitch. Or I would wag my head at them, Indian style, and they would back away slowly, unsure of what was happening.

But now I am able to bow. I bow gracefully. Mostly with my head and neck, sometimes with my shoulders. I may be the best bower in the world. I can teach you, if you want.

Also, this. Song Kran is a great life lesson. Because you have to give in. You can't try to keep dry. It will only lead to frustration. No, the only way is to allow yourself to be soaked, and then grab your bucket and join in.