Just stepping out.

Perhaps life will go back to something resembling normal, whatever THAT is, soon.

The internet guy just hooked up the internet. Five minutes ago. I'm amazed by how quickly things happen in Thailand. As well the safety equipment the guy was wearing. This was no barefoot young guy standing on a knot of wires. Odd.

And in a few minutes, we climb into our rental car to drive for a couple of days to get to Vientiane, Laos, where we will apply for our student visas. And then maybe we won't have to go anywhere for awhile.

And I can continue to tell you all about all the little stuff of life, like the way the afternoon sun comes in through my window and it reminds me of camp, or of the Land, and the way that makes my heart hurt and feel good, all at once.

I look forward to it.

(I also look forward to Laos. The kids aren't looking forward to the drive. I think they're a little traveled out.)