This is that window I was telling you about. This is what the light looks like, around 4:00, when the house is still really hot, and maybe I sit under the fan for awhile, and then I think, I should get to the market to see about vegetables for dinner. But I don't want to stop looking at the light, and those trees beyond the window. The market waits for a few more minutes. Thai food is fast and easy to cook, anyways.

I'm not so into the lace curtains, and I'll probably make some new ones. But they do make me nostalgic for something... I can't tell what. Maybe it's just that all beautiful things make me nostalgic, and especially light. It comes every day, the light, and our lives are formed by the shapes it makes around us. Shadows that follow us or tilt away from us at alarming angles. Patches of light on my children's faces when we sit under trees on a sunny day. And when the sun heads home for the day and the light fades, it gives that one last startling flare of color, and we know we'll see it again soon. We can count on it.