Rainy Day Walk

Yesterday I used my most intimidating voice and said, "Rain! You can't keep me in!" And then I picked up my umbrella and walked out the door quickly, before the rain had a chance to respond.

Rainy walk 2

My shins were sore. I had shin splints or fractures or broken shins or something. I overdid it, the other day, walking too far without a warmup. But I limped along in delight. I love wet grey roads and sodden foliage.

Rainy walk-3

Eventually I took a turn down to a dirt road by the river. It was dirt. Wet dirt! Everything smelled heavenly.

Rainy walk-4

And there were many blooming things. Tangles of flowers and leaves. This place doesn't know how to stop growing, in the rainy season.

Rainy walk-5

I found a spot in the river where many people were taking something out of the ground. Rocks, maybe? I couldn't tell, I was too far away. Anyhow, there was a pile of rocks that somebody probably put there in this pile. Maybe yesterday, maybe ten years ago. I couldn't ask the people because they were all submerged in water and also I don't speak enough Thai. I'm no journalist. Also, it's a boring question: When did you take those rocks out of the water? A better question is Where did you get your hat? and Do you have any children? and How much do you get paid to take rocks out of the water?

Rainy walk-6

It will be my everlasting goal to take a photo that does justice to mist around mountains. And to a large tree in a dug up field.

Rainy walk-7

These are some of the containers that people were putting rocks into. I tell you, though I have no information, I was fascinated by these people and all their rocks.

Rainy walk-8

Oh! And there they are. The one guy's hat reminds me of Puddle Glum the Marsh Wiggle, from Narnia. The floppy one, see it?

On second thought, I probably could have asked them my questions if I'd only waded in.

Rainy walk-9

I turned away from the river and started walking home. I saw flowers. In Thailand I still see flowers I've never seen before, and fruit I've never heard of. It's amazing.

Rainy walk-10

There was also this sweet little lily pond.

And that was my rainy day walk. I was no worse for the wear except for wet pants from tramping along by the river. I love wet pants from tramping along by the river, though, so all was well.


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