More love.

Joy sent me some pictures after I stole that last pic from facebook and posted it. I try to always be careful to post photos that my friends know about or that I know they'll like, so I was hoping that Joy would like the photo I posted of her, despite her having such a wild face in it. And then this is what she sent me.

Joy is volunteering as a teacher with detained refugees right now. These are people (mostly from the Middle East) who have been caught somewhere in the ocean, trying to get to Australia. Now they are kept in a detention center--it's a pretty difficult situation. Joy comes in every day for English class and crafts class. She says she makes it pretty exciting.

If you were a refugee, wouldn't you want to learn English from this girl?

I know I would.


PS: I have a new post up at Shekina Community called The Truth about New Things.