The drawings we made today.

Today I drew this for Leafy.

The clone trooper.

My wee bit of effort was rewarded with his over-the-top bliss at having the drawing. He has been drawing clone troopers himself, one after the other, for a couple of weeks now. He asked me to draw one for him (a red one) and jumped up and down, making his happy peeping noises when I was finished.

YaYa drew this today.

Cat study.

She loves doing studies of animals. She draws a certain animal over and over, in many poses.

She also drew this:

Duck drawing by YaYa

The family of animals is another favorite for her. (And for me. I love her little families of animals.)

And she did this, which was my favorite:

Leafy doing things, by YaYa.

I think it's perfect, right down to its title.

This is a very typical day for YaYa, and I'm sure there were a few drawings that I didn't see.

What I come away with is the knowledge that if I drew as much as she did, I would have that art life back that I so desire. I need to take a cue from my daughter and sit down with pencil and paper more often, because it just feels so, so great.

YaYa at work.