Please pray for my friends.

I'm throwing this out there for all my praying readers.

I've written about my dear friend Christy more than a few times.

Here, I wrote this:

I remember that it was something that my friend Christy always did while we traveled. She would talk about overcoming evil with good while she sat cross-legged on her bed in our guesthouse room, making small beautiful things for people that she met. She took verses from the Bible and wrote them on pretty paper with butterflies or flowers, the size to fit in someone's palm. And so we wove our way across India, fighting to break open the sense of defeat that often followed us, Christy's butterflies sown in every town we visited. "Overcome evil with good."

This is my beautiful friend, our beautiful friend. And her husband Ian, who is Chinua's dearest friend, is in the hospital fighting leukemia right now. He's had a bone marrow transplant and an unexpected reaction is happening in his liver. It's not comfortable, it's dangerous and scary and rare, and the treatment is a medication which is dangerous and scary and rare.

The other day Eva reminded me of the time I flew off a cliff with three of my kids in the van with me. The lesson I learned that day is that even in the most dangerous times, we are truly in God's hands. We all came out of that with barely a scratch and Oh, Ian, I know you can come out of this, despite tubes and hospitals and unexpected liver problems and dangerous times.

So this is my prayer for Ian and Christy, people who have such great kindness that you almost can't believe it. I pray that God the Almighty would surround them with singing, would bring peace in the storm, would calm the war within Ian's body, would show his love to be palpable, pulsing, and almost more than they can bear.

Please pray for my friends. And tell your praying friends. And we can build a wall of prayer around them to support them as they walk through this together.