5 Things Day Three: ABC

ABC juice.jpg

1. Lately in the name of trying to eat well and get more nutrients into my nursing mama body, I’ve been juicing with the beautiful juicer that my friends Christy and Ian sent me for my birthday. I make ABC juice, (apple beet carrot) with a little bit of G (ginger).

2. There is an older lady in the market here that I used to try to get to like me. I just wanted her to crack a smile, you know? But she never seemed to be very impressed with yours truly. Now that I speak Thai better, I know that it could have been because I was calling her older sister when I should have been calling her auntie. She’s much older than me, more than a generation, so… whoops! But I don’t know if it was that. I also don’t know why she’s had such a turn around, why she’s so friendly now, telling me I can leave my bags at her stall while I buy the rest of my groceries. Why, fruit auntie? Why?

3. Yesterday we were doing a little work in the meditation space when I left to go to the hardware store. I told Solo he could go with me and walked on ahead while he ran to get his shoes. I stood at the end of the lane, which is grassy and cut through with wheel ruts, waiting for him, and heard him shout to a friend, “I’m going with Mama and then I’ll be back.” His voice was so proud. He ran down the grassy land toward me, so cute and sunshiny, and it was one of those moments when I really feel how blessed I am.

4. Chinua mopped the kitchen after it flooded from the rain today. The floor is all shiny and clean, though it’s raining again so the mop might have to come back out.

5. Tonight we went to a beautiful restaurant with all of the kids and heard Chinua playing piano and singing. Brendan and Leaf danced a little and I ate and laughed with my kids and there was happiness all around. It’s good to put these moments in my pockets for more difficult times. These shining ones, you can pull them out later and rub them on your jeans and see yourself in their reflective surface.