A brief glimpse of sky and a foxy friend.

The sun came out yesterday, and as I drove back and forth from the garden, it illuminated every single beautiful thing. Is my heart soft enough to see all of it? The whole wide world that belongs to my eyes? God's love in the sky and trees?

It was a challenging day. The small child within me wanted to be pouty and out of control. She insisted that she was all alone, that her shoes hurt, that past sadnesses were popping out of the dark woods.

I reminded her that we have a beautiful family in a beautiful world, that we are fully capable of making dinner or a cup of tea, and being exactly who we are is enough. I reminded her that we are not lost, though we don't always know where we are.

And the sun glittered through the trees and agreed with me. I am the smallest bird. The tiniest leaf. But I am loved by God and it is enough.

What else? (Besides the never-ending battle of my mind?) 

World Whisperer is having a cover redesign. The beloved illustration my friend Tom creating is not communicating the proper genre to new readers. I will always treasure it, but I have turned to my trusty multi-talented Superstar Husband for a new cover. And he turned to the ideas and sketches of another multi-talented person in our house... Kenya. So Kenya is helping Chinua design a cover for my Young Adult Fantasy novel and I'm over the moon about this; her sketches of Othra and her Kenya-ness being a part of the cover of a book dedicated to her and the other kids? Perfect.

So I am nearly ready to send World Whisperer 2 to my advance readers, and also waiting for my dazzling new covers. 

I also have a new foxy friend up in my shop:

You can see the details here.

I hope the birds are somewhere nearby, wherever you are.