An open letter to Jeff Sessions

Dear Sir,

I am concerned about your text. Perhaps you would like to quote a handbook on intimidation tactics instead of the Bible. I am not sure that you really want to quote scripture, because you might just have to dig a little deeper and what you find might hurt you, hurt you like thorns and nails, hurt like whip marks on your back, when you are asked to let go of your wealth, your reluctance just might choke you. When you read, “Whoever receives a child like this receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me,” you might falter, when you look at the cages you have created, when you hear the crying and suffering of tiny ones, you might realize that to cause this is to join the other side, the ones hurting the God who is walking among them, weeping.
And when you look into it, you might find that those scriptures (about respecting leaders) were first written to people who were revolutionizing love, who stood in the fire rather than give up their faith, who
lost their very lives
to save their souls
and what can save your soul
when you have sold it to hatred, when you have given it to fear
when you have birthed fear of the other
the Jesus I know turned to the thief on his right and said
we will be in paradise together, brother
and Paul says but for the grace of God
there go
and the entire book you are quoting says
that clinging onto security will kill you in the end
better to give it up
better to offer others more safety
than to hold onto our own and
become evil
and true love actually sometimes allows itself to be killed
to help a person in need
And it is not merely revolutionary
It is a revolution
where the first are last and the last are first
and the least of these, the hungry and alone, are so important
that ignoring them puts you in great peril and so I am not sure that you
really want
to quote
to further your self righteous


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