Books and more books

Reading books.jpg

I love the reading that goes on around here, all the time. Kai is reading a new series- Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins- and is totally engrossed. Leafy is reading The Hobbit-- his choice of reading material, coming directly after Amelia Bedelia. I had him read me a page to make sure he was up to it, and was pleasantly surprised. All I can say about this boy is Look Out World. You won't know what hit you with the sweetness, the brains, the inventive beauty. 

Erin from Coffeebeings has written a lovely review of Trees Tall As Mountains, so please, head over and check it out, and then stick around for some of her amazing recipes and homeschooling inspiration.

And I have been having perhaps the biggest promotion I've ever had, giving away ebook copies of The Eve Tree and Trees Tall as Mountains at the same time. If there was any reason you were hesitating about getting a copy, you don't need to anymore.  

As I write this post Chinua is playing his guitar beside me. I love Saturday mornings.