Books for sale, tuppence a bag.

I want to let you know that Trees Tall as Mountains is now entering a phase of its fledgling life called "Permafree," which means that it is the open gateway into the world of my strange little mind, the free introduction to far too many words which ramble on and do in fact form a cohesive whole. In other words, the digital format of Trees Tall as Mountains is free on all ebook sites into the foreseeable future. From this shining gate, other people out there in the world may decide to step farther into the glittery quagmire of my writing, or perhaps, decline. Either way, it has been a free ride! No feelings hurt! This is what is known in the Internet world as FREE UNTO THINE HOURS AND HOURS SPENT READING, or the UNPAID VORTEX CAPTURE, or any other variety of names that I cannot remember at this moment.

To the lovely, lovely people who bought this book and are now like, Wha? Rae, bra, why are the things free now and not when we bought them? I want to say, every one of your dollars was cherished and went into my children's bellies, not as it was, but first changed to baht and then changed to food, which is known on the Internet as DOW JONES. I think. I'm not too clear on financial matters. And neither is Chinua because we're artists! Tra la la.

What this means for you is that your cousins and great-aunts who got ebook devices or tablets for Christmas can get Trees Tall as Mountains for free on their device, and then go on to buy Oceans Bright With Stars and A Home as Wide as the Earth for $3.99 or The Eve Tree for $4.99.

Trees Tall as Mountains for Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo

Enjoy! I hope you get to curl up in a warm corner with a cup of tea and a book today.