The second Journey Mama book is nearly ready for launch

Launch day for Oceans Bright with Stars is this week! It will be available on November 5th in digital format at all venues, and I hope to have the paperback ready at that time as well.


Here's the blurb:

In her Journey Mama Writings, Rachel Devenish Ford uses radical honesty to illuminate the beautiful, funny parts of life that are so often forgotten or missed.
Picking up where Trees Tall as Mountains left off, Oceans Bright With Stars is a true journal about one family’s gutsy, wild decision to move across the world and make their life in a village in India, navigating water problems and power cuts, beating back the jungle and embracing a new culture. In the first months, Rachel is blindsided with what it truly means to leave everything behind, experiencing panic and a strong sense of dislocation, but as she seeks to trust God and searches for beauty in her new home, she finds it in unexpected places. From the ocean to the mountains, Rachel records her family’s encounters with insects and snakes, holy cows and yaks as they grow and flourish in an unlikely environment.
The Journey Mama Writings series is about overcoming difficult circumstances to reap the joy of belonging. This collection of posts from Rachel’s blog is a hilarious and evocative account of learning to love a new country, and with it, a new way of life. 


When I first started putting these books together and found that in all my rambling, there was an actual storyline that was developing, I was surprised and happy. (It's interesting to see the shape of things later on... the story that God is building in your life.) This book might be my favorite of the three because learning to love India again was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

If you know me, and I think you do, you may know that photos of me are not my favorite thing in the world, hence the fact that I don't put many up here. And then I agreed to have three books with sorta kinda photos of me on the cover. (!) But I agree with my Superstar Husband that it's a good thing for a memoir, like a handshake or an invitation to come on in. And it works well graphically. We must think with our business minds sometimes, friends.  

But oh, I love the covers he's doing for this series. And I love the little friend I have on this cover. Can you spot him?