Giving my blog a bit of love


You're probably noticing that it looks different around here, with the lovely YaYa up there (photo courtesy of Chinua). I made the switch from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 6, and spruced things up a tiny bit. I rearranged the furniture.

It was time. And also, there are a couple new features that I'm really excited about.

One is the threaded commenting on this system. I'm looking forward to being able to respond to your comments more easily and also to see conversations develop in the comments. (The commentbox, as Eleanor would say.) You can click reply on any comment to respond to what anyone has to say. Please hang out, you are all so beautiful, you need to get to know each other. (Some of you know each other already.)

The second thing is that it is now possible to subscribe to this blog by email, if you like. Over there in the right sidebar is a link that you can click on to subscribe to Journey Mama by email as well as my newsletters (you can choose either or both) that I will be using to communicate about books or promotions. Please sign up! I won't be flooding your inboxes or anything.

To kick off this rearranging of the furniture, I'm inviting you to comment here, even those of you who normally don't. I'm warmly inviting you, imagine me with some Thai iced tea in my hand, (or some hot tea, if it's cold where you are.)

To make it easier to respond, here's a question: What's one new habit you have started or would like to start?

Mine is daily Pilates. I started today and I'm hoping to get a 30 day streak. (Must keep people from trying to push my belly in in public.) I remembered today that Pilates makes me feel like I've just had a full body massage, and that I love it. And that it only takes 15 minutes.