I can smell the rain.

It was a very busy day. I wrote before the sun was up.

Then Kai and Kenya (Kid A and YaYa)  finished work on Kenya's stopmotion movie. They worked on one with friends who came over yesterday. A school project- they did it from beginning to end, but when we watched it, we saw things that needed to be fixed. The camera moved too much- there was too much extra room visible. So Kenya got back to work right away and made another movie. She shot it all herself and I showed her how to adjust photo levels. Kai did some sound engineering this morning.

I'm very proud of them.

We showed it to Chinua from far away.

Then lunch and Thai class, some swimming, dinner. I didn't get to my email today. (I'm sorry.)

I read to everyone and lastly we had a big wind and rain storm with thunder and lightning. In the dark I climbed on top of a chair that was stacked on a table to reach our last chicken, who was swaying wildly in a high branch of our tree. He sleeps up there normally, but tonight we made him cozy in his own chicken hotel room. Spoiled chicken.

It was very hot this morning and now it is cool with lightning in the distance. All my people chickens are accounted for and in their beds, snoring softly

and I