It's here!


Trees Tall as Mountains is available for purchase today for $3.99 in ebook format from, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. It will soon be available in paperback and iBook Format. (I'll keep you posted.)

I had so much fun with this project and I'm looking forward to collecting posts for the next book. I'm also relieved to be finished, after a whole lot of eye-crossing formatting, and I'm hoping to post more frequently now that this book is done.  I've even come up with a plan, since I always want to blog, but can never find the time. My plan includes less pressure about photos (sometimes I just want to write but can't find time to edit photos, and I have this thing that I have to have a photo for every single post or something) and morning writing- 1000 words of my novel and 500 of something else (a blog post, a poem, whatever).

Every purchase is so crucial during launch time, so thanks ahead of time, you guys, I really hope you like it! Once again, I'm doing this on my own, but I have you as my community and I can use all the help I can get. Reviews and shares are so welcome!  

A whole lot of myself is out there in an even bigger way with the launch of this book, and it has me realizing that I'm entering a new level of vulnerability. I've grown used to all the kind people who find their way to my little space here. I really can't think of any negative comments that crop up here, it's all kindness. But with a book out, I know that just as some people who read The Eve Tree don't like Molly, some people who read Trees Tall as Mountains might not like me.  (Gulp.) And I'm okay with that. I think. My hope is always that with all this honesty (which heals me) that I will wedge the door a little more open for someone else on their path. And if that carries with it people who aren't that into my ramblings, well, it makes me that much more thankful for you.

So thank you.

With lots of love,