Memory lane

Chinua has been adding CDs of photos to our digital storage, and it has been sweet, seeing the photos, to travel back in time.

kai baby-1.jpg

Back to when we were a little bitty family, when I was a baby. I mean, when Kai was a baby.

kenya kai-6280.jpg


kenya kai2-9305.jpg

We show them pictures like these when they're frustrated with each other.

kenya kai3-6157.jpg

My friend Rebeca made me that quilt.

rae driving-8137.jpg

I think the picture that made me the most nostalgic was this one, because car, guys. I used to be a person who drove a car. Now I drive a motorbike and a chariot. Life is very different, with many twists and turns along the way. You too may drive a chariot, one day.