Second Sunday of Advent


Hope. Today we relive the hope of the Savior, the answer to all our waiting. 

It is dawn coming after a terrible night. After a night of lying awake hearing the cries of the world in darkness, the earth turns and we see it. Maybe the light will swing back over us. Things will have color again! Oh, we will be able to see the ground we walk on, stop bashing our shins or tripping over tree roots.

Warmth will come to our frozen limbs. We will not have to live in the paralysis of shame.

Why do we have hope? Do we suddenly realize we are all we needed after all? That we have all the strength we need? That we are actually perfect?

No, the voices of the prophets tell us, “He is coming for us.” 

He is like the father of that wasteful son. Running down the road toward us. 

He is coming. All will be well now. Someone is taking care of all of it. Rest, dear one, rest. 


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