Shaper’s Daughter Launch Dates.

I went to Chiang Mai for a couple of days, to do a final edit on Shaper’s Daughter, now that many of the Amazing Unicorns have given me their proofreading results. I have a little guest house room I like to rent, with a desk and a bed, a shower and a tiny balcony for pacing. 

I find when I have writing retreats, I have to schedule them fairly thoroughly, or else I run into Mother syndrome. I have time to myself, all the time I need for two days! And I draw a complete blank and end up drawing circles on the white tiled floor with my mascara wand, singing softly to myself. If I don’t block out my time, that is. Too much time is confusing to a mother with kids at home. A day feels like a year. 

So it’s edit for an hour, then look through Pinterest, then write a newsletter, then edit for another hour, then drive out on the scooter to find some papaya salad for lunch. Then back to editing. And I do that all day, and I don’t get to everything, but I don’t just have fashion shows for the mirror in my underwear either. 

Anyway, as a result of my editing days, I am so confident in my ability to get this book ready that I have a publication date!  

Shaper’s Daughter, World Whisperer Book 3, will be out in ebook and paperback form on November 6! I have loved writing this book, going deeper into the lives of the characters. They just get better and better. 

I’ve also been working on a novella called Azariyah, which will be free for subscribers to my newsletter. That will be ready around the same time as Shaper’s Daughter, and I’ll be having a (re) launch party for all three books on facebook, with prizes and an Ask Me Anything. And probably music. There will be lots of ways you can help me, with your sharing and telling people about the books, and eventually I’ll get to all that, but for now, here is the cover for the book formerly known as Path of Springs. It’s now called Guardian of Dawn, and I love the new cover.  



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