The endeavor.


I am unexpectedly in Bangkok for a few days, with people I love, away from people I love. All is well. I wanted to help with a difficult situation and find myself with delightful friends. I am thankful that God is with us. 


The day comes with all the things that need to happen. Standing in a corner of the room, shaking her head at me. 

“Flowers,” I tell her. “Dogs on the street. Surprising patterns on the walls. Men playing chess in between taxi drives.”

“Look at your list,” she says. “How are you ever going to get this all done?”

“Playing with children,” I tell her. “Unexpected smiles. Basil in my food. Bangkok spices. Fruit on the street. Thinking putty. Good smells. I don’t believe that the magic is gone. I don’t believe in being impervious to it all.” 


Can it be as simple as love? The fact of being beloved? Of wanting to walk in the world in love? It feels like the world isn’t safe for loving people. But Jesus said that it is, even if it is a different definition of safety, one that doesn’t guarantee much beyond my heart being safe in the heart of God. Today I will endeavor to believe him.