The jungle.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. They made me think a lot, especially about what Tj said. She commented:

"As for 'stay'. It would be meaningless if not for 'go'. There is a duality in all of life. Sometimes we stay, other times we go. I think the peace comes when we accept each moment before us. Our roots are not grounded in the here or there but in the Spirit of God, so it really matters not, if only we can get our hearts and minds around it." 

And somehow that right there is what I mean by Stay. It's not about not journeying, but about the ability to be at peace with what is happening in our lives and enter in wholeheartedly. To not run away in my heart. To stay near the mundane and near conflict. To be just as truly myself with days of homeschooling ahead as I am myself when I am on a bus in the mountains in India. But Tj is right: I don't have one without the other and we all have these different pieces of who we are. They dance with one another, sometimes peacefully, sometimes angrily. 


The rains have come, though the last two days have been dry. The rains coming back means that the earth is exploding in green, and my heart is shifting toward the color, the time of year when everything seems to be creeping and growing, moving nearly perceptibly as plants climb fences and buildings, grass springs out of the earth, and everything is very, very alive. 

Today we have school ahead of us. My plan is to buy a bunch of litchis and sit, peel, and eat them, to read aloud, to have a dreaming circle with friends. Leafy wants to invent a type of sugarless candy and I plan to allow him to try. Solo is drawing every day and the piano is never quiet. Who knows what beauty will grow up over us today, like the jungle taking us back?

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