World Whisperer on Wattpad

Hi lovely ones! 

I'm trying an experiment (I love experiments) where I'll be publishing World Whisperer in one chapter segments on Wattpad, a free fiction platform. I'll still be doing my regular launch on April 15, with paperback and ebooks available simultaneously. Wattpad is big with younger readers, and finding those readers is part of my plan to take over the world with this six book series. That or just have lots of people read it.

The prologue is up today, and I'll be posting twice a week, so if you like to read things in serial format, hop on over to read on Wattpad. While you're there, be sure to vote it up if you like it. And yes! Please share with your kids and teens! I think it will appeal to both. It has passed the Kai, Kenya, and Leafy test of approval.