*a living list*

Where I go when I need to be inspired:

Superhero Journal (lovely, inspiring photos and life. makes me miss the bay area)

the Sartorialist (he reminds me to really see people because there are so many beautiful things out there)

Pea Soup (she has the sort of calming presence that you want your friends to have)

Secret Agent Josephine (she is endlessly creative)

Momster (the photographs and simplicity- divine)

Walk Slowly Live Wildly (how are they so good at decorating rv's?)

SouleMama (i think when i was little i wanted to grow up to be SouleMama. then i grew up and i was me, which i'm glad for, but i'm glad that she has a blog and i can follow along)

The Family Chin Up

She Laughs at the Days (one of my oldest friends who has a heart of gold and a fierce intellect)

From Under the Laundry Pile (i don't believe that she is actually under the laundry pile- she sees too well, but she does have a lot of laundry, with those eight kids)

Lifenut (mopsy will have you fall in love with life)

Notes From the Trenches (amazing mom of seven and one of my first bloggy friends)

Owlhaven (living proof that Grace is Sufficient)

Kiwords (loves her kids and has walked a difficult journey with love and excellent writing)

Carried By the Wind (a long time friend who lives in a wonderfully intentional way)

Those Writing Womens

Writing as jo(e) (her consistency! her lightheartedness!)

Mama Tulip (she is both hilarious and deep)

Say La Vee (blackbird has a way of seeing the world for you, you go with her where she goes)

Charlotte's Web (endless intelligence and insight)

sweet|salty (heartrending, hilarious, incredible writing)

her able hands (her tagline drew me in before her writing did)

Jen Lemen (she is intrepid, barreling into the world with love)

Jen Lee (storyteller with a big heart)

State of Grace (my favorite foaming at the mouth over fifty writer)

Schmutzie (totally understands about little things being beautiful)

Other expat moms

Italian Trivia (next time, I'm moving to Italy)

Adelaide from Adelaide (an expat and an author- what's not to love?)

Planet Nomad (even though she is there every day, she can still open her eyes wide and see)

Blogging with Community in their hearts

Mamieknits (and she cooks and sews and raises twin cuties!)

Eleanor from the Comment Box (is the kindest commenter on the internet)

The Ranch at Salmon Creek (creative, brilliant, wonderful out of the internet friends of mine and their lovely ranch)