It's today! Launch Day for The Lost Art of Reverie!

I love launch days! It’s so fun to finally release a book into the world, after months or years of work. (This one took years… I wrote the first draft in 2017, but kept back-burnering it to focus on World Whisperer.)

I’ve been hearing the kindest, sweetest responses to this little fledgling bird.

One reader said that the only word she can use for it is “cozy.” Another said it’s like you just want to tuck away and be in Aveline with new friends. And another said it is “fun, insightful and delightful… therapy in a beautiful bouquet.”

And a lovely reviewer on Amazon said “Rae doesn't just tell a story, she invites us into the lives, hearts and minds of her characters.”

That is exactly what I hope to do.

Buy or borrow the ebook version of The Lost Art of Reverie here.

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Or here.

Love to you all,


Announcing a new pen name and book launch! : The Lost Art of Reverie, by Rae Walsh


I’m very excited to tell you about my newest book, a culmination of lots of dreaming and thinking about new ways to write and work.

This series is fairly different from my other books, so I’m writing with a new pen name, a mixture of my nickname and my mother’s maiden name. (Meaning that my writing names are a mash up of my married name, my maiden name, and my mother’s maiden name. All the names! I want all of them!)

Rae Walsh writes inspirational romantic women's fiction. If you like cozy writing about friendship, art and cooking, new starts in life, quirky, diverse characters, close-knit communities in small towns, and small businesses, you will love this series. Rae’s books are light and romantic, with deeper social and spiritual themes intertwined.

(Sounds like me, right? Basically I started out to write a simple romance and got a whole lot of quirky, nuanced characters clamoring away in my head.)

The Lost Art of Reverie, is the first book in a series about a fictional small town in California named Aveline. Each book focuses especially on a few characters from the town, and each book builds on another.

Here’s the blurb:

An inheritance. A long forgotten dream. A new life in a spacious place.

Corporate life has not been treating Katie Grace well. Suffering from extreme anxiety due to a recent incident at work, she learns that she has inherited her late grandmother’s Victorian house in the lake town of Aveline, in the rolling hills of the Los Padres National Forest. Maybe a new start will be exactly what she needs.

Hardware store owner Sam Grant remembers Katie from when they spent summers together, years before. Sam has determined never to get involved in a relationship again, but working on Katie’s house renovations might put that resolve to the test. 

In Aveline, Katie allows herself to dream again, finding solace in creating food and a space for her new friends to gather. As members of the town welcome Katie, her heart begins to find safety, but will the events of the past repeat themselves? 

The Lost Art of Reverie is the first book in the Aveline Series, a collection of inspirational romantic stories with quirky, lovable characters, set in a fictional lake town in California. Perfect for fans of Jan Karon, Katherine Center, or Elizabeth Berg. 

So here’s the thing. I’m releasing the whole series in KDP Select on Amazon, which means it will be available in Kindle Unlimited, (good for you subscribers) but will be exclusive to Amazon until the whole series is published (not good for those of you who read on other devices.)

What I’ve set up is a pre-release of the book on Patreon, where all my patrons will get this first ebook free, in any ebook format, from July 7-14. Then the book will hit Amazon stores and the Kindle Unlimited Library on July 15th. To download The Lost Art of Reverie, in any format, before it’s in the Kindle store, you just need to be a patron. You can head over here to become a patron now, and you’ll get an email once the book is available for download on the 7th.

If you’re happy with Kindle, you can wait until the 15th and buy your book on the Amazon store. Paperback versions will also be available.

And if you’re shaking your head because you’re waiting for the next World Whisperer book, I promise that it’s coming! I will never stop writing YA fantasy. (I have many ideas for the series I’ll write after World Whisperer, and it’s in the same universe.)

So there you go, dear ones. Thank you for being the best readers in the world.



All the Senses


My new home is an unending sensory experience.


That line of hills, the colors of the flowers, the graceful lines of the house. We have moved into something that someone else has built, cultivated, planted. It is the very definition of grace, to live among work we have not done with our own hands.


The wood smell in our bedroom. Making candles, cooking food. Coffee in the morning. The flowering tree opening its scent at night. Jasmine. Wafts of pig smell, all day, from the neighboring field. The septic tanks that don’t work properly for some reason. Incense. Dogs. The smell of rain. One after the other, breezes bring smells, one pleasant, the next one unpleasant. A meditation on transience.


I harvested eggplant from the garden and made a Keralan curry. Long beans. Mangoes and coffee in the morning, green tea with honey. Instant noodles. Rice. Pasta and black beans and tomatoes and salsa.


Birds all day long, from the earliest light, to the end of the day. Roosters. Frogs, cicadas, and crickets. Owls. The whine of mosquitoes. The trucks that go by, playing music from their loudspeakers, selling ladders and brooms, or awnings, or fruit. Motorbikes. Announcements from the nearby temple. The chanting of monks during the funeral over the last few days. A boy rides up to the gate on a bicycle and asks if we can play ball. Kids running and jumping, laughing and yelling. Piano and trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, singing, rapping, beatboxing, tapping on tables, boxes, and chairs.


Sweat on the upper lip. Dirt on my hands and under my fingernails. Flies everywhere, landing on our skin. Spiders. June bugs dashing themselves against our faces. A wind picking up just before the rain. Mosquitoes biting. Red ants biting. Humid air. More gentle breeze. Sweaty kids coming for a quick hug. Kisses. Dogs coming close to be pet or scratched. Fans whirring. Heat building. Dough under my hands as I bake bread. Rain on the face, soaking driving home on the chariot in the night.