Will someone please come over here and give me a good conk on the head with a blunt object? Please. Really, I'm serious. Not because we got back to the Land and we have no running water. Not because the mountain is apparently falling on the road ten miles north of here again, effectively blocking us from the hospital and everything useful. Not even because of the day and night of false labor that I had yesterday.

Well, actually, kind of because of that. Mostly because contractions kept waking me up all night and each time I finally managed to fall back to sleep I woke up again thinking "oh yeah, now I finally really slept," but then I would look at the clock and see that wow, gee, it's only been half an hour. Not only that but I had the stupidest song from a Saturday Night Live skit in my head, and each time I woke it was there afresh in full strength. And I developed a fear that all the hot water tanks were going to explode because they didn't have enough water in them. I was especially concerned for the one in the Restaurant, because not only would it be a bad thing for the whole restaurant to burn down, but our friends who are traveling in India are storing all their worldly possessions in the same room that the water heater resides in. You can see why after a certain point I longed for a simple concussion. It was like my own personal psychotic merry-go-round.

I'm still here today and trying my very hardest for a good day. I mean, this is a five candle candle therapy day. Maybe we should try seven. How about some hot chocolate? Yup. Soft socks? Yes. Lots of praying, lots of time-outs by myself in the bathroom when the kids have driven me to the very brink. (Really, though, I'm the one driving. They are no different than any other day, so I know it must be me and my sleep-deprived brain.) Who needs water anyways? I mean, we have plenty of river water. The road's out, the water's gone. BUT WE'RE SO HARDCORE HERE IT DOESN'T EVEN FAZE US. YEAAAAH.

My poor superstar husband is probably belly-button deep in a waterfall right now, trying to fix whatever went wrong with the pipes. God is always good to us although we are in the midst of a Land winter. When the summer comes, we'll be sitting by the river soaking in the late evening sun. It's something to keep in mind. On the way home from Santa Cruz yesterday (I literally had contractions five minutes apart for the whole day) I was singing Great is Thy Faithfulness, and one verse says: "All I have needed Thy hand has provided, Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me." So true.