Water, water, everywhere...

And... we have water again. We got it back approximately an hour before the Superstar Husband and kids and I left the Land to visit with my parents at their timeshare. We were only six days without water. No PROBLEM.

But actually, it's like the saying, "Water water everywhere and nowhere a drop to drink," because really, we had lots of water. We had a whole river that was coming closer by the minute, threatening to carry us away, plus a creek, plus the rain that just kept falling. But, we're 21st Century pansies who don't like hauling water. I should say, 21st Century North American pansies, because I've been in plenty of places where they haul water every day.

Like Nepal, where they carry extra-enormous loads of things balanced on their backs by a strap on their foreheads. I think they do it for effect. I mean, Nepali people are mostly tiny. I can't tell you the number of times I cracked my head on a doorway in Nepal because it was just too short and I couldn't seem to remember that I should bend double to get through. So it really is stunning to see a Nepali man who is half the size of you (because you're an inch away from six feet tall and a giantess in their eyes) running down the road with a refrigerator three times the size of him strapped to his forehead. Dodging a few dogs and the giant bull lying in the street. I am not even exaggerating.

The worst is when you are trekking in the Himalayas and you never ever thought that you were so incredibly out of shape but now you are thinking over and over, please someone just kill me NOW, as you climb stair after stair, and all these Sherpas keep skipping past you up the hill barefoot with piles of bricks tied to their foreheads, smiling cheerfully at you as they call out, Namaste! Every time. Namaste! To every lame trekker. Once my superstar husband and I (when he was just my superstar boyfriend) saw a group of Sherpas taking turns carrying an elderly woman up the mountain to medical help... you guessed it, tied to their foreheads. I guess you can bear a lot of weight that way or something.

The point is, we are so flippin' civilized that it kills us to haul a little water.

That doesn't keep me from being very very happy that I:

1. Had a shower today

2. Gave my kids a bath

3. May sneak into the hot tub tonight. (I'm pregnant but feeling crazy.)

If we had kept on without any water I may have been forced to do my laundry in the river, Ganga style. Although it probably would have taken all my clothes away, rushing the way it is. Where did our pretty lady river go? Our pretty green darling? She's gone, and a monstrous mud torrent has replaced her. One thing I saw a few days ago that I have never seen before: three kayakers cheerfully being swept along. They must have been out of their gourds, as my superstar husband commented seconds before he yelled out to them, "You're all gonna DIE!" "YEE HAAWWW!" one of them yelled back.