Coming at you from British Columbia

I'm totally excited about the fact that the Leaf baby has arrived at the conclusion that six o'clock is the perfect time to rise and shine. It makes my day. You know, because I didn't like getting up and having a little time to myself much anyways.

(Although, he is awful cuddly in the morning, and bringing a warm kissy-faced baby into bed is a good way to way up. Until he starts clawing at your nose.)

So, I dropped my superstar husband off at the SeaTac airport yesterday, and he's on his way to Israel. I think it's hilarious that he has ten hours in London, and he's meeting our friend Adam there, and they'll fly together the rest of the way. They're going to hang out, but the funny part is that they're going to the museum. "Why the museum?" I asked. "Because it's free," my superstar husband replied. We travel on a tight budget, we do.

We had a bit of a disagreement about who got to take the camera with him/her. It could be that I attempted to physically snatch it out of his hands, while I hissed, "It's mine. You can't have it." I almost added, "My precioussss," but I caught myself and in the end he took it. He'll get some good pictures. I really wanted to show you the beautiful doll that Rebeca made for Kenya, with her very own hands, which she gave to her when we stayed at her house on the way down, but I'll have to wait until I have a camera.

I learned a few things, since life is all about learning, on our trip.

Traveling with kids means driving past the good gas prices because you don't want the baby to wake up since he FINALLY went to sleep and we will keep him sleeping at any cost. Even ten cents a gallon, that kind of cost. Even twenty.

Traveling with kids means that your son MAY act as if he doesn't know you when the immigration officer is trying to make sure that he's really your son. She may say, "Who's this?" and point at you, and then your ornery son may shrug and hide his face, as if to say, "I have no idea who this woman is, or why she's kidnapping me and bringing me to Canada."

Traveling with kids means that one of your son's shoes may become MIA, and for the rest of the trip you will not be able to find it. He will have NO clue what happened to it.

I also learned that it is indeed possible to go on a two day road trip and NOT EAT ANY FAST FOOD! We have overcome. It's so tempting to just go through a drive through when you're trying to make tracks and you have such a long way to go, but it really is possible! We did it!